DNSSEC prevented NetworkSolutions from stealing customer email

A large dutch ISP ran into issues with their Registrar Network Solutions over the weekend. (why anyone would be using NetworkSolutions like it is 1993 is beyond me)

A misunderstanding over a payment caused hundreds of domains to be entered into PENDING-DELETE state. One such example is puiterwijk.org. Some of these domains have been in this state now for days.

What made things worse is that said NetworkSolutions took over running DNS for these domains, including an MX record that points to an actual mail server!

So if you were lucky, your email just bounced. If unlucky, someone else got your emails. The TLS certificate on that mail server doesn’t even match their hostname, so anyone on path can also just MITM it and a traceroute shows 26+ hops all over the place.

However, they did not modify the DS records after taking over the NS records and MX/A records. So those domains that used DNSSEC, including the above mentioned puiterwijk.org, are not resolving at all because the validators are rejecting the NetworkSolutions stolen DNS zones as bogus. So, my emails to this person were not delivered to the rogue MX servers because both he and I deployed DNSSEC. Hoorah, I guess….

Now, taking over MX and causing email failures like this is pretty evil. I would hope this violates some ICANN or PIR agreement but as said Registrar has been a sad registrar since uhm about 1993, I guess nothing is going to change. Let’s hope the Dutch ISP has learned from this and will move to another Registrar soon after this mess gets resolved.

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