About No Hats

A person can wear many different hats. While most people know about white hats, black hats and red hats, there are also roles where one can be wearing an author hat, an editor hat, a working group chair hat, a software author hat, a bug reporter hat or even a crypted ung.

No Hats is Paul Wouters’ personal consultancy company. Why No Hats? Because when you hire me, you hire an independent consultant, hat free. You can hire me for my expertise in a certain matter, but you cannot hire any of my (organisational) hat functions.

These days,¬† I am a full time associate of Red Hat, where I’m enjoying my work in the Security group with people like Steve Grubb of NSS fame, and Dan Walsh of SElinux fame. Apart from DNSSEC and IPsec, I’m looking at various other security components in Fedora and RHEL, such as SElinux, Integrity Measurement Architecture¬† (IMA), Extended Verification Module (EVM), FIPS mode and other security issues as they arise.

You can find some more info on LinkedIn or follow my tweets

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