I’m the co-founder of HackLab.TO in Toronto. HackLab is a non-profit that provides a geek-friendly space where people can make things, use shared tools and learn from each other. If you’re in Toronto, come check us out on Tuesday evenings when we have our open house. Membership is $50/month and gives you 24/7 access to the space. We have a laser, a 3D printer, professional soldering tools, and lots of friendly geeky people to socialise with.

LetoAms at HackLab.TO


For journalists who want to talk to me about HackLab, It is not an illegal underground of criminals. No you cannot watch us commit crimes because we don’t do crime. We make things, we do not break things.

HackLab recently released a free mobile website and iphone app to see the city of Toronto Health Inspection reports of restaurants near you.



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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a visual artist and new comer to Canada. I am new with working with Arduinos and similar technologies and I would like to learn more for my projects. I have recently done a project with some assistance from a programmer at a maker space in Berlin. As I was attending an Art residency there, and the work was quite successful, however, I would like to enhance the technology used for this project as well as develop other ones and hopefully be able to do it all myself. Unfortunately I lack the financial resources for taking courses, so I was wondering if you offer any internship? paid or not! Or if there is some sort of exchange that we could do? I can volunteer in exchange for learning some technical things and/or coding. Or if you have any ideas!

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